• Estate Planning

    The complex rules of MassHealth play an increasingly important role with respect to traditional estate planning; making a thorough knowledge of elder law absolutely critical for a truly comprehensive estate plan.

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  • Medicaid Assistance

    Whether you need assistance with completing and submitting an application for MassHealth benefits, or your needs extend to advocacy of an appeal of an adverse MassHealth ruling, we can help!

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  • Probate Litigation

    Experienced in Massachusetts and Federal Civil, Criminal and Probate Courts, Elder & Disability Law Advocates concentrates on Guardianship, Conservatorship, Estate Administration, Trust Disputes,  Will Contests an

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  • Personal Injury

    Uncertain of where to turn? Personal injury cases result from a variety of causes, like nursing home neglect or motor vehicle accidents. We take every case seriously and work hard to get fair and just outcomes.

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Meet Our Staff

  • Nicholas Kaltsas

    Nicholas Kaltsas

    The founder of Elder & Disability Law Advocates, Attorney Kaltsas is devoted to the well-being of seniors and committed to helping them maintain the quality of their lives as they age.

  • Donna Ostiguy

    Donna Ostiguy

    Dedicated to treating seniors with dignity and respect, Donna is instrumental in helping our clients understand the actions being taken on their behalf.

  • Lee Ann Gosler

  • Maria Kaltsas


In our case, a need for an outline of major points in the first round of explanations concerning trusts and the second round of explanations did clarify matters which helped a lot.  I would recommend bringing a paper and pen to the appointment. Credit should be tendered to Donna for her clarification of matters and Attorney Kaltsas for his thorough explanation of the Probate process.